• Football ManiaTickets available now! See 'Events' page for details.
  • Wine Tasting@ The Tree Tavern Wine Bar 9/26/21. See events page for details.
  • Pie Eyed Pizza SaleOctober 2021
  • Country Music Evening@ Pompton Lakes VFW on October 22, 2021. See 'Events' page for details.
  • Dinner at Il PalazzoFriday, November 19, 2021. See 'Events' page for details.
  • Jets FootballMetLife Stadium on November 21, 2021. See 'Events' page for details.
1 Football Mania2 Wine Tasting3 Pie Eyed Pizza Sale4 Country Music Evening5 Dinner at Il Palazzo6 Jets Football7
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Teacher Grant Award List

  • 2022-2023 Awards
  • 2020-2021 Awards
  • 2019-2020 Awards
  • 2018-2019 Awards
  • 2017-2018 Awards
  • 2016-2017 Awards
  • 2015-2016 Awards
  • 2014-2015 Awards
  • Thank You's
Staff Member School Award/Project Amount
Mr. Pinto, Ms. Kuras, Ms. Stelling/Chemistry & Physics PLHS Creating Standing Waves with Slinky Springs $150
Kim Katinsky, 2nd Grade Lenox Classroom Organization $323.84
Deanne Martini, 5th Grade Lenox Nearpod Platinum $375
Kate Vivino, Elementary School Counselor Lenox Social/Emotional School Climate Programs $500
Marie Kolakowski, 5th Grade Lenox Nearpod Platinum $375
Suzanne Piombo, Music Director Lenox Ultimate Ukulele Resources & Replacement Case for Speaker $498.47
Kate Vivino, Elementary School Counselor Lincoln Social/Emotional School Climate Programs $500
Paul Koontz, Andy Yuhas, Mike Cemelli, Math Teachers PLHS Kuta Works - Instant Feedback for Math Class $500
Todd Lewis, 2nd Grade Lenox Social Distancing & Test Partitions) $173.60
Tricia delaMotte & Jill Snyder, Nurse & Trainer PLHS Caring for our students (stadiometer & portable scale) $1000
Karyn Hennessy, Katie Miceli, Vin Przybylinski PLHS Class Intercom- School Social Media Management $995
Rachel Colvin, Chemistry & Physical Science PLHS Real Time Data Collection Using Portable ph Sensors $380
Michele Jassin/Lindsay Hedenhag, Tech & 3rd Grade Lenox Tablets! The New Interactive Black Board (4 Acer Tablets) $961.20
Kevin Wortman, Life Skills PLHS Edmark Reading Program 2nd Edition Online $325
Gineen Ricciardelli, Danielle Bonanno, Biology PLHS Teacher Pay Teachers Bundles $1000
Marc Oliver, 4th Grade Lenox 4th Grade Science Materials Kit $372.12
Kelly Toye, 4th Grade Lincoln Lincoln School Environmental Club $500
Dana Johnston Schindel, 5th Grade Lincoln Podcasting & Video Blogging $500
Dana Aagaard & Rachel Pascual, Technology Lincoln Virtual Reality with HTC Vive Cosmo System $1000
Dania Brantner Lakeside Jazz Shoes $450
Total Awarded $10,879.23
Staff Member School Award/Project Amount
Gineen Ricciardelli/Biology Teacher PLHS TPT Bundle for Bio & Sci $370
Paulo Pinto/Physics & Chemistry PLHS Constant Velocity Carts $195
Nora Baena- Cano/World Language PLHS Headphones for Spanish $400
Kevin Wortman & Robyn Blomn/Life Skills PLHS Lifetown Field Trip $500
Gineen Ricciardelli/Biology Teacher PLHS TPT Bundle for Bio & Sci $370
Paulo Pinto/Physics & Chemistry PLHS Constant Velocity Carts $195
Nora Baena- Cano/World Language PLHS Headphones for Spanish $400
Kevin Wortman & Robyn Blomn/Life Skills PLHS Lifetown Field Trip $500
Katie Miceli/School Counselor PLHS  Pocketalk Translation $500
Renee Russo, Paulo Pinto, Danielle Bonanno/Science PLHS & Lakeside School Gizmos Site License $3295
Robert Texel/English Teacher PLHS Film Studies & Production Inventory Expansion $500
Jason Stier/Music Teacher Lakeside Gifted Guitars $479.97
Mary Cortese/Autism Special Ed Teacher Lakeside Lifetown Experience $350
Dania Branter/Dance Teacher Lakeside Lakeside Middle School Dance $473
Kate Vivino/School Counselor Lenox SEL Initiative Assemblies $500
Alyssa Colella/First Grade Lenox Neat Seat Organizers $203.7
Todd Lewis/Second Grade Lenox Flexible Seating $533.12
Michele Jassin/Technology Coach Lenox Coding & Computational Thinking for Early Learners $1373.17
Suzanne Piombo/Music Lenox Creating a Playful Classroom $499
Samantha Mickens/Second Grade Lenox Wobble/Sensory Chairs $280
Kim Katinsky/First Grade Lenox Alternative Seating & Classroom Organization $500
Kate Vivino/School Counselor Lincoln SEL Initiative Assemblies $500
Stefanie Cramer/Katherine Marino/Meredith Putignano Lincoln Lifetown Field Trip $1500
Kelly Toye/Third Grade Lincoln Flexible Seating $427
Cheryl Wright/Math Specialist Lincoln iggle Wobble Cushio $190
Dana Aagaard & Paula Pollak Lincoln Screen Free, Hands On Coding for Primary Grades $1000
Rachel Pascual & Kristy Andruch Lincoln Flexible Seating $500
Siobhan Carpenter/K-2 LLD Teacher Lincoln Magnetic Mible STEM Station $350
Total Awarded $15,833.96
Staff Member School Award/Project Amount
Jenna Gnade Lakeside Zen Den 210 Cart Creations $500
John Turano PLHS Organize & Protect Valuable Art Supplies/Cabinet $449
Deanne Martini Lenox Nearpod Platinum Membership/One year $350
Joanne Riggio Lincoln Innovation through Video Creation $500
Dana Aagaard & Dana Johnston Lincoln Full Steam Ahead in the Maker Space $975
Kate Vivino Lenox Promoting Positive Social Climate and Culture $500
Kate Vivino Lincoln Promoting Positive Social Climate and Culture $500
Dennis De Carlo PLHS Veneering & Marquetry $450
Jennifer Cooper & Paula Pollak Lincoln STEM Bins Comprehensive Kits (2) $500
Lisa Bracamonte District Teen Social/Emotional Empowerment $175
Michele Jassin & John Orovio Lenox Run! Jump! Code! STEAM Learning with Unruly Splats $998
Paulo Pinto PLHS PASCO Motion Sensors PS2103A (4) $400
Caitlin Thomas Lincoln Building an Epic Lego Wall $440
Rob Edgar & Bobby Texel PLHS Broadcast Journalism Expansion Initiative $500
Scott Mahoney, Justin Jones & Christine Parisi PLHS Assessment and Features with Body Metrix System $1095
Betsey Tiernan Lincoln Pre School STEAM Building $381
Marie Kolakowski/Helen Tardif Lenox Virtual Reality Devices as Motivational Learning Tools $1000
Kim Katinsky Lenox Classroom STEM $486
Kevin Wortman PLHS Structured Learning Experience in School Job $482
Melissa Serra Lakeside Pear Deck with Google Applications $150
Siobhan Carpenter Lincoln d Interactive Play Group Center $470
Suzanne Piombo Lenox Multicultural Music & Clothing for Kindergarten $400
Jennifer Cannizzaro & Michelle Nicole PLHS Fitness Activity Circuit Stencil Kit $1000
Karyn Hennessy PLHS Virtual Reality in the Classroom $500
Marie Stelling PLHS Virtual Reality in the Classroom $500
Paul Koontz PLHS Lee Rubin - Motivational Speaker for Success Club $1000
Deanne Martini Lakeside Virtual Reality Devices $1000
Matthew Hales/7th Grade & AT/Doug Batsch Lakeside Maker's Space Equipment $995
Total Awarded $16,696.00
Staff Member School Award/Project Amount
Kelly Toye Lincoln Supplies need to start Lincoln School Environment Club $500
Michele Jassin Lincoln & Lenox Hands on Coding Blocks: Kinesthetic Coding $500
John Turano PLHS Organize & Preserve Art Supplies $342
Cathy Zollo Lenox Differentiated Reading Comp Levels in Speech Therapy $122
Dennis De Carlo PLHS Woodshop Pen Turning & Secure Organization t $460
Suzanne Piombo Lenox Classroom Seating Carpet $445
Dana Aagaard Lincoln Augmented & Virtual Reality in the Classroom $499
Elizabeth Andreano Lenox Bringing Science to Life $471
Marc Oliver Lenox Support an Active 1st Grade Classroom -Alternate Seating $209
Paula Pinto PLHS Screencastify Screen Recorder Software - Yearly license $100
Gineen Ricciardelli & Damien Tuorto PLHS Vernier GO Direct Sensors for Smart Phone & Tablets $1000
Karyn Hennessy PLHS Augmented & Virtual Reality in the Classroom $499
Justice Cole Lincoln Music Manipulatives for Interactive Whiteboard $496
Matthew Foley PLHS Commercial Style Equipment Upgrade - Fryers $420
Katie Ardizzone Lenox Physical Science STEM Bundle Kit $500
Georgia Kintzing Lenox Reading Styles $267
Elizabeth Kachur Lenox Independence Starts Young - Organization for K $253
Arlene D'Alessio Lenox Scribble & Play Boogie Board e Writers $300
Jennifer Cannizzaro District Sensory Equipment $500
Paul Koontz, Justin Jones, & Michael Cemelli PLHS Lee Rubin Motivational Speaker & 50 copies of book $1000
Jennifer Gaddis, Tanner Wilson & Matt Hales Lakeside Virtual & Augmented Reality $1500
Eileen Allan PLHS Kettlebell Weights $417
Christine Parisi PLHS Yoga Mats $396
Charissa Alter Lincoln Breakout EDU - an Escape Room for the Classroom $450
Caitlin Thomas Lincoln Dash & Dot - Coding Robots in the Classroom $279
Sue Biagini Lakeside CPR Training Manikins & AED Trainer $500
Deanne Martini Lenox Nearpod Gold $320
Total Awarded $12,745.00
Staff Member School Award/Project Amount
Katie Ardizzone Lenox STEM Bundle -hands on learning experiences (science) $526
Cheri Polay Lenox Alternative Seating Wobble Chairs $455
Deanne Martini> Lenox Nearpod Gold $150
Pam McCartney, Ed Woodcock & Roz Seradzyky Lincoln Clarity & Effective Communication $1025
Michele Jassin Lincoln Elementary Robotics & Programming w/Lego WeDo2.0 $451
Alice Marchioni & Joanne Riggio Lincoln Full Steam Ahead! (Career Paths) $133
Suzanne Piombo Lenox Everyone has a Rhythm to Share $500
Lauren Aiello Lakeside Breakout EDU (Teamwork & Critical Thinking) $127
Dennis DeCarlo PLHS Wood Working Techniques - Bosch Router & Table $488
Gineen Ricciardelli & Cindy Abashkin PLHS 4 Digital Biological Microscopes w/LCD Display $1000
Todd Lewis Lenox Focused Seating/Stability Balls $439
Krysia Biville & Karen Brill Lincoln & Lenox Expanding STEM to STREAM in Libraryland $1000
Agnes Joyce, Lucille Verina & Jodi Fitzpatrick CST Ready, Set, Go be Social & Be Rewarded! $251
Karyn Hennessy PLHS Breakout EDU (Teamwork & Critical Thinking) $125
Elizabeth Kachur Lenox Mindfulness Means More (training) $500
Lauren Hennessey Lenox Alternative Seating for Special Ed Classroom $369
Tanner Wilson Lakeside Robotics Club Kits $500
Kevin Sullivan PLHS Digital Imaging Tripods $478
Gail De Graw, Lori Conte & Carol Helm PLHS Share Our Vision Software $973
Erin Kelly Lincoln Ergonomic Seating for students w/multiple disabilities $478
Janine Maletsky Lakeside Lakes-Iditarod $500
Jason Stier Lakeside Composer's Clinic - Richard Summers $300
Danielle Bonanno & Cindy Abashkin PLHS Stability Balls in the Classroom $459
Justice Welp Lincoln Classroom Electric Guitars for Elementary School Music $489
Matthew Foley PLHS Culinary Arts Technology Enhancement - Smart TV $500
John Turano PLHS Better Demonstrations Through Technology 47" TV $500
Total Awarded $12,716.00
Staff Member School Award/Project Amount
Carol Helm PLHS We C.A.N. Change Addiction Now $500
Dana Aagaard & Caitlin Thomas Lincoln School Learning in a Virtual World $960
Paulo Pinto PLHS Vacuum Filtration Equipment $224
Dennis De Carlo PLHS Safety & Demonstration Area for Wood Shop $471
Eileen Allan & Scott Mahoney PLHS Distracted Driving Activity Mat $675
Michele Jassin Lincoln Pro-Bots in the Elementary Classroom $494
Dana Brennan Lincoln Game Based Learning $297
John Turano & Kevin Sullivan PLHS Art Easels $1000
Kim Katinsky Lenox Alternative Seating $480
Kristy Andruch Lincoln Bouncy Bands $235
Liz Kachur, Gail Mania & Arlene D’Alessio Lenox Building up STEAM in Kindergarten $1000
Vanessa Meyer Lenox Classroom Recording Booth/Chrome Books (2) 1st grade $600
Alice Marchioni,  Joanne Riggio, Roz Seradsky Lincoln Speak & Listen – Effective Communication $932
Paula Pollak & Katelyn Walek Lincoln Chrome Books (2) 1st & 2nd grade $600
Jennifer Cooper & Shannon Perella Lincoln Chrome Books (2) 1st & 2nd grade $600
Georgia Kintzing Lenox Primary Computer Programing (Bee Bots) $500
Matthew Mansbach Lenox & Lincoln Spanish Songs & Guitar Equipment $100
Tanner Wilson & Janine Maletsky Lakeside 3D Printer $1000
Suzanne Piombo Lenox In Pursuit of a Better Toot $493
Kathy Gatsch Lincoln Technology Integration Enhancement (Brain Pop) $450
Robert Edgar & Mr. Robert Texel PLHS Live Stream HD Video Broadcast Equipment $500
Lauren Hennessey Lenox Tutronics E-Z Prep $209
Chad Flynn & Robert Texel PLHS Auditorium Sound System Microphones $100
Mary Ellen Twomey PLHS Bereavement Group Facilitator Training $500
Total Awarded $13,820.00
Staff Member School Award/Project  Amount
Suzanne Piombo Lenox Orff Xylophones $500
Lori Conte PLHS Acellus Online Learning Program $500
Gineen Ricciardelli PLHS Biozone Educational Materials $500
Michele Jassin Lincoln Bee Bots Robots $500
Danielle Bonanno PLHS Stability Ball Seating $175
Georgia Kintzing Lenox Keyboarding Without Tears Software $500
Rob Edgar & Bobby Texel PLHS Broadcast Journalism Video Equipment $500
Arlene D’Alessio Lenox iPad for Kindergarten $500
Sheryl Bender PLHS Understanding Grief & Loss Workshop $500
Migdalia Hoffman PLHS Video Camera for World Language $200
Elizabeth Kachur Lenox Mathematic Manipulatives $227
Mary dela Montaigne, RN Lenox Glitter Bug Hand Hygiene Training $350
Matthew Mansbach Lincoln & Lenox Guitar for Elementary Spanish $100
Vanessa Meyer Lenox Idea Paint for First Grade $449
Alice Marchioni Lincoln Stem Challenges & Careers $400
Siobhan Carpenter Children’s Place Self Tag Reading Centers $275
Total Awarded $6176
Staff Member School Award/Project  Amount
Kristy Andruch Lincoln Butterfly Rearing Kits $160
Norbert Herold Lakeside NXT Lego Robotics Expansion $400
Elizabeth Kachur Lenox Alternate Seating Options for LLD $496
Suzanne Piombo Lenox Acoustic Electric Guitar & Amp $500
Jason Stier & Chad Flynn Lakeside & PLHS Composer’s Clinic w/Patrick Burns $500
Janine Maletsky Lakeside 2014 Global Cardboard Challenge $500
Ron Bivona PLHS Field Trip to 9/11 Memorial Museum $225
Christopher Patrick PLHS Field Trip to NYC Financial District $225
Total Awarded $3006

Thank You Letters

Recipient School Award Letter
Mrs. Elizabeth Kachur Lenox School  Alternate Seating Options for the LLD students READ
Mrs. Arlene D'Alessio Lenox School iPad for Kindergarten READ
Mrs. Michele Jassin Lincoln School Bee Bots Robots READ
Vanessa Meyer Lenox School Idea Paint READ